Trisha Orr


When I was a young girl I loved looking at paintings (I still do!) but growing up in the 1950's and 60's I didn't have a feminist perspective on what I saw in museums, galleries and books. And later, at art school, I was taught that the subject matter of an art-work is incidental, that a painting's significance is determined by its formal excellence not its 'story'.

But that's not the whole truth. We've learned that the stories paintings tell often function, like advertising, at a subliminal level.

The 'book paintings' focus on images from my library of art books, the images that 'filled me up' as a young person, the images that subtly informed my sense of self both as a woman and as an artist. By juxtaposing and overlapping these images from the covers of books and further altering them through the distortions of refracting and reflecting glass vases, I created a series of personal stories about gender, motherhood, and longing.

Exquisite Visions
20"x24", oil on canvas, 2004

Allegory of Sacred
and Profane Love

20"x24", 2004, oil on canvas

The Lost Child
20"x24", oil on linen, 2004

Doors of Perception
24"x24", oil on canvas, 2004

Memory of Persistence
22"x30", oil on canvas, 2005

The Dreamer
20"x24", 2004, oil on canvas

Things Fall Apart
24"x30", oil on linen, 2005

Visions of Eden
24"x40", oil on canvas, 2005

20"x24", oil on linen, 2007

18"x24", oil on canvas, 2007

Love in Art,
18"x18", oil on canvas, 2004

16"x20", oil on canvas, 2004